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By March 30, 2023Notepad++

This method works only if have enabled the backup feature. Otherwise, you can use Tenorshare 4DDiG data recovery tool to retrieve deleted Notepad files even without backup. There are many specific variations of plain text files and even more encodings.

  • You can add color behind any selection of text—individual characters, words, or entire paragraphs—to create a highlight effect.
  • For more on the meaning of the SCI_xxxx names in the Scintilla commands tab, see the section on Other Editing Commands and Shortcuts.
  • Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded.
  • For Notepad++, you can enjoy the session snapshot and period backup, because the auto-save features are not installed by default.

However, in more recent versions, the function to remove duplicate lines from a text file is now built directly into the program. This method is slightly more time consuming, but it’s still a viable option. To use this method, simply copy and paste the text into a spreadsheet, select the “Remove Duplicates” option, and then click “OK”. The spreadsheet will automatically remove any duplicate lines from the text file. PSPad is another text/code editor that has a remove duplicate lines function built in.

Use GreyEve Windows Theme.

A feature called ‘find difference’ lets users see the changes made to a file. One for the previous file, one for the current file, and the third for showing the changes made. Out of these three panes, two of them, the present and previous file panes, are entirely editable. If you are a developer who develops for the web, you should probably check this app. With support for 30 major languages and other modern web languages, it is best suited for that job. With Visual Studio Code, you get real-time and automatic API description, linting, Git control debugging, and support for regex.

Boxer features color syntax highlighting, color and mono syntax printing, column blocking, undo and redo… TableTextCompare is a small utility that you can use to compare two tab or comma-delimited files. After you select the files, the program will quickly analyze them and produce a report that shows you which lines have… HxD Hex Editor provides tools to inspect and edit files, main memory, disks/disk images and their structure, using a simple and modern interface.

Why Is Notepad++ Mac Not Available?

Windows 10 File explorer took some tweaking to get right, but i’m glad they’re finally incorperating it. Google and stupid-ass facebook need a dark theme too. I was wondering if there is an easy way to change the theme main colour since, after the app creation, that colour is used practically everywhere. And after that under “url()” you need to provide the image file’s path. After that, we have to write an HTML Image tag and using the HTML IMG/image tag’s SRC attribute we are going to give the filename and extension of the Image file from the Desktop.

Notepad++ – (How to) Download, Install and Use

If you want, you can change the theme to any color combination. A simple dark theme that is based on Monoco font that comes with a soft color combo for codes & text. A dark background along with light text color is the best combination for coding especially when you are writing complex codes. You might need to wear a goggle to make the text visible clearly to your eye or simply increase the brightness of your screen. Overall, Notepad++ Material Dark Theme is an excellent simple dark theme for the best code editor for Windows.


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