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You can also predict the cycle time for future similar development projects. Here are the key software development metrics and KPIs that can help a software team reach its goals in time by offering insight into overall productivity. KPIs and metrics are important in software development as they contribute to achieving great success. Similar to sprint burndown, cumulative flow is a graphical representation that shows the percentage of work completed or pending that is under review about time. Both may sound similar, but lead time is more aligned with the fulfillment of clients’ requests, whereas cycle time is more aligned with the development team’s time to deliver. Whereas key software metrics help businesses identify critical areas for improvement in the software paradigm to fill the void between quality and product development.

  • This metric shows how satisfied users are with your digital products and services.
  • It can be easily set by default as the target metric, or it can be used to measure the progress of the entire process.
  • The indicators provide an opportunity to analyze how much each of the developers invested in the development .
  • Their satisfaction with a digital product or dissatisfaction, as well as draw up a diagram, for example, to provide a report to a business client.
  • Apart from this, the number of automated tests created and conducted and the number of bugs found and repaired are other testing indicators that help improve product quality.
  • For instance, the Customer Lifetime Value measures the value your organization gets from its long-term relationship with customers.

If the red line is below the grey line, then this means that the team’s on track. However, if the red line is above the grey line, this means that the project is behind schedule. This metric refers to the number of attempts to gain unauthorized access, disclosure, use modification, or information destruction in a software system.

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This means setting measurable goals before commencing software development is crucial to success. Cumulative flow visualizes the status of your tickets over a period of time. It shows the shift of your tickets from one status to another as your project progresses.

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Now that you know the important KPIs in software development you should track, some tools can help you along the way. So, if you have 15 bugs for 1,000 lines of code, the bug rate is 1.5%, which is acceptable. For example, if the first commit happened at midday on January 5 and that branch was released at 2 pm on January 15, the cycle time is 10 days and 2 hours. Businesses measure financial metrics like working capital for development, net profit margin, monthly recurring revenue from subscriptions and other income, average sale price , etc. Release burndown is measured using a chart that’s similar to the sprint breakdown chart.

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Measuring your team’s performance via software metrics is an important step toward goal-setting and meeting the objectives you set out for yourself and your business. The CCP allows software development managers to identify the quality of code. The metric mainly shows how many code lines are successfully executed and how many of them need compilation or optimization.

Also, chances would be higher for your team to complete the project on time and within budget. The software metrics and/or KPIs outlined here are indispensable if you hope to scale your business and simultaneously enhance your software development process. Software development teams can utilize a release burndown chart to find out whether they’re behind of, ahead of, or exactly on schedule. The change failure rate is a handy metric that development teams use to test the quality of source codes. This software development KPI is used to measure the quality of the delivered code.

By increasing throughput, teams can complete more work in less time and deliver software faster. Cycle time is the amount of time it takes to complete a task, from start to finish. In software development, this could refer to the time it takes to complete a software feature or fix a bug. Cycle time is an important KPI because it helps teams identify bottlenecks in their processes and improve overall efficiency. By reducing cycle time, teams can deliver software faster and with higher quality.

These KPIs can help you make data-driven decisions and improve your team’s productivity, efficiency, and overall product quality. With the right KPIs in place, you’ll be able to stay on track towards your goals and achieve success for your business. The higher these metrics, the greater the developer’s ability to fulfill these role requirements. In this article, I am going to focus on measuring productivity of software development teams, how to effectively measure software performance and giving examples of they are implemented.

operational metrics

Kpis for development team minimize the time required to complete tasks. For Agile software development to succeed, all parties must be on the same page. Knowledge sharing looks at how clearly each team member is passing on the necessary information to those who might need to know. That way, when other developers handle a portion of code that another developer has written, they’ll pick up right where their team member left off. Errors are an inevitable part of the software development journey, so code must be tested thoroughly and often. This KPI measures how well a developer tests the written code, whether it’s manually or with tools.

How do you measure and improve the quality and performance of extreme programming projects?

In order to minimize this issue, team members should use the metrics in their chosen manner. The operational metrics of software are used to analyze their systems’ stability and maintenance efficacy. Another factor that can be considered when assessing customers is acquisition cost . The acquisition cost is divided by the number of new customers you’re looking to acquire in the next couple of months. This is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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“Delivered value is typically described as the number of features completed within a period that are ready to ship or ready to test,” adds one developer blog. It helps you detect every error, understand what debugging needs to be done, and also cover 100 percent of the code and much more. It is kpi examples software development that can be viewed on the Internet in order to make the code qualitatively the first time.

The lead time software development KPI thus includes ideation and discovery phases, offering a more suitable indicator for higher-level preparation. A velocity KPI is a good indicator of how effectively a team clears backlogs. It can assist in planning and forecasting product component delivery and release deadlines. The two basic units of measuring velocity are “issue count” and “story point.” The stability of your code is one of the most challenging KPIs for software development. You can either trace the changes in code within the software or report them.

Cycle time and lead time.

Code churn is a software KPI that measures the stability of the code by calculating the possibilities of how you would have to change the code over time. Simply put, if you are required to alter the code way too often to install a new feature in the software, the software would be high maintenance and would include even higher risk. Businesses often use complex data to show their stakeholders the expected release of ROI. Likewise, this software metric can update the customers about signs of early release or possible delayed releases. churn is the amount of code that’s rewritten over the span of your project, and it’s another way to assess how efficiently your code is progressing. Software must repeatedly be tested and debugged before it runs correctly, so every time an error is detected, the code must be amended, costing valuable time and resources. Adding new features along the way will also mean that the code must be rewritten, and every time this occurs, the potential for error increases — along with the project completion time. Due to the increasing number of customers and website traffic, 800K unique users per month, Clutch has experienced significant technical challenges.

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The conventional stsoftware development kpi metricsgies primarily rely on quantitative metrics like meeting deadlines, the number of code lines, and bugs. Modern agile methodology means analysing operational metrics and other processes to optimize the qualitative parameters. Software development industry customers have consistently made attempts to calculate the performance of the software teams they work with. And estimating the team’s performance through software metrics is an essential step toward goal setting and completing the plans that you set out for yourself and your business. And this is completely understandable, as a client, because in the end you pay for the work accomplished. And your need is to understand whether or not the team completes the deadline, how the budget is utilized.

Meeting project requirements and satisfying clients are also top priorities for software development teams. The Code Churn metric reflects how many code lines were added, edited, or deleted within a certain period. It allows software managers to monitor the development process and the quality of developers’ work. If the churn begins to rise, it can be a sign of a problem that needs attention. Developers prefer not to interrupt their work often to see if they have succeeded or failed. However, breaking the measurement periods into smaller time frames helps determine the progress more accurately.

This metric shows the amount of time remaining to complete planned tasks and allows your team to manage the progress and stay on track. Hence, benchmarks are essential for development teams to rate performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. The formal code metrics analyze the code quality by looking at the lines of code, complexity, instruction path length, and overall development process. Baritechsol is a leading BPO and offshore software development company. Our team of custom software developers create state-of-the-art software solutions designed to help our clients grow.

  • The path can be complex and exhaustive, so KPIs are very useful for software development teams.
  • Zapier – A workflow automation tool that allows you to integrate data collected from multiple different sources.
  • Also known as test coverage, this KPI determines the amount of source code executed while testing.
  • This can be due to a couple of factors, including pull requests that are too long.

Key performance indicators are often used in technical work settings to stay accountable with the goals you have set. The path can be complex and exhaustive, so KPIs are very useful for software development teams. It focuses on using velocity KPIs to project how many more sprints will be needed before a software version can be sent to production. The chart tracks completed versus outstanding story points and provides an overview of the release progress. Satisfaction metrics are vital to ensuring software development success, no matter the phase of the process. As important as customer satisfaction is for the product, team members should also derive satisfaction from the project they’re working on.

The software development manager and team are primarily responsible for delivering a completed application to the client. KPIs are vital in software development as they help in achieving business success. Plus, KPIs can help you minimize the time taken for development projects and also optimize your control over a team’s workflows. Depending on the project type and your requirements, you may not need to track them all, or you may require other metrics for more accurate analysis. The primary purpose here is to select KPIs to help adjust the development process towards your business goals and achieve the end product’s required quality. Churn rate is a vital metric that measures the instability of code changes in a specific time frame.


The formula for calculating Cycle Time is X – Y where X is the culmination date and Y is the starting date of a cycle. Using this formula will help you to compare cycle times and allow your software development team to have a better insight into the time spent on tasks. Your project management platform, like JIRA, will tell you what your cycle time is, measured by when a ticket comes in through each phase until the ticket is closed. KPIs are used in software development to align with business goals and objectives. From personal endeavors to corporate vision statements, the presence of objective, measurable goals can help keep a business on track.


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