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Most trend indicators lose money during a ranging market as fluctuations in a narrow price band tend to whipsaw traders in and out of their positions. Compare the above chart to the number of signals generated by a Closing Price chart with identical box size. I am not aware of any method of automatically adjusting box sizes to cope with increased volatility. Download the latest version of Incredible Charts free charting software and receive a 5-day free trial of our Premium data services, indicators and stock screen filters. Use logarithmic view to view charts with large price variation or longer time scales.


Chande Momentum Oscillator is described by Tushar Chande in his book The New Technical Trader. 10-Year Treasury yields broke former resistance at 3.0%, reaching 4.0% before retracing. Respect of support at 3.0% would confirm that the almost forty-year bull market in bonds is over. The abrupt reversal in Fed monetary policy has increased the risk of recession.

The Fed has been hiking interest rates since March this year, but real retail sales remain well above their pre-pandemic trend and show no signs of slowing. The chart interval sets the period covered by each bar. Intervals range from 1-minute to Annual, with Daily and Weekly the most frequently used bars.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts

It is also used to the settings for Point & Figure charts. A column of X’s represents a price advance and a column of O’s represents a retracement. A price reversal equal to one box size will result in the formation of a new column.


If your payment details need to be updated, please login to your Profile and update the card under the relevent tab. most likely does not offer any adult content. provides SSL-encrypted connection. most likely does not offer any malicious content. Turn off the Log selection on the toolbar to return to normal scale.

Moving Average Types

This offers further smoothing, enabling us to use a smaller, more responsive box size . Although not widely used, the method offers clearer signals, on long-term charts, than the more commonly accepted Closing Price method. Which is where reversal settings come in, allowing us to keep box sizes relatively small while, at the same time, eliminating minor fluctuations. A new column is not started until the trend has completed a set number of boxes . Point and Figure charts can be a great time saver, conveniently summarizing trends and eliminating most short-term market “noise”. They also highlight major support and resistance levels.

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The rise above 2960 at signals the start of the current up-trend. Marginal breaks above resistance (similar to 2. above) – another bear signal. A down-trend starts at , with a break below support at3340. Open Incredible Charts and login with your email address and password. Register Here if you have not already done so.

Point and Figure Charting Guide

The earliest method of Point and Figure charting, introduced by DeVilliers in the 1930’s, was a $1 box and a 1 box reversal – used to track intra-day price movements. It cannot be accurately reproduced on Incredible Charts because the technique mixes X’s and O’s in the same column and because of the need for intra-day data. Most Point and Figure charts use end of day data which is not entirely accurate. Price movements during the day may be incorrectly summarized.

  • Bar chart signals often conflict and it is difficult to separate the trend from the surrounding ‘noise’.
  • HintWhen adding indicators that appear on the price chart, be sure that youhave the required Daily, Weekly or Monthly chart in view.
  • Most Point and Figure charts use end of day data which is not entirely accurate.
  • Sort results by selecting the column headings, click again to reverse the order.
  • Tushar Chande normally uses a time frame of 20 days or weeks.
  • Although not widely used, the method offers clearer signals, on long-term charts, than the more commonly accepted Closing Price method.

Here we trade a long-term trend with 13-week Chande Momentum Oscillator and 50-week Keltner Channels to signal trend direction. Exit when Chande Momentum reaches the Oversold level of -50. Chande Momentum Oscillator touches the Oversold level at -50 then reverses above its signal line.

Page 5: Projects

BackupWatchlists and projects (indicators, trendlines & captions) are stored on your hard-drive. It is advisable to backup these files on a regular basis. Hint You cannot remove all indicators from the right column of the Indicator Panel. The default settings, shown in the right column below, cannot be deleted. Interest rates are the primary tool of the Federal Reserve and central banks for implementing monetary policy. Interest rates are raised to tighten monetary policy and slow the economy — and lowered to create liquidity and stimulate the economy.

The HiLo incredable charts attempts to better identify bullish and bearish sentiment. Price movements are calculated using the day’s high when prices are rising and the day’s low when prices are falling. Adjust the Box Sizeon the Indicator Panel Log scale box sizes are calculated as a % of the price immediately below. Enter “1” and each box will be calculated as 1% of the preceding price. Log scale box sizes are calculated as a % of the price immediately below.


Hint If you are going to amend indicator settings in a file, save a backup version using Save File As command. If the change is positive, add it to the sum of up days for the specified period. Select Indicators and Chande Momentum Oscillator in the left column of the Indicator Panel. See Indicator Panel for directions on how to set up an indicator. To alter the default settings, seeEdit Indicator Settings.

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All traces of the word “transitory” have disappeared from press announcements, switching to the mantra “higher for longer”. The Fed funds rate is expected to reach 5.0% in the next few months, causing job losses later in the year. To view Point & Figure charts, click View on themain menu or on the toolbar.

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Because of the smoothing process the indicators tend to lag price changes and are often calledtrend following indicators. While log scale charts are useful because of the graduated increase in box sizes, I find the odd-numbered box sizes a distraction. Major support and resistance levels normally occur at round numbers which are not clearly identified on log scale charts. A negative yield curve, where long-term rates are lower than short-term rates, is an even stronger bear signal. A negative yield curve is usually followed by economic recession roughly 12 months later. Typical price uses a single daily price calculated as (High + Low + Close)/3.

box reversal

For example, an intra-day rally will not be recorded if the end of day close is lower than the previous day. It is therefore advisable to minimize distortion, from end of day data, by using larger box sizes. Bar chart signals often conflict and it is difficult to separate the trend from the surrounding ‘noise’. Trend indicators attempt to provide an objective measure of the direction of the trend. Price data is smoothed and the trend is represented by a single line, as in the case of a moving average.

Each box size is increased by a set percentage of the box below it. Each X indicates that price has increased by one box. The sensitivity of the chart can be varied by altering the box size.

If the change is negative, add the absolute value to the sum of down days for the specified period. Use of Overbought and Oversold signals for trend-following shakes you out of your position too early in the trend, with many expensive whipsaws. Instead I have adapted the system specifically to follow trends. I use trend changes on Chande Momentum Oscillator to generate signals and breakouts above/below the Keltner Channel to confirm. Logarithmic scale is useful when plotting substantial price changes, especially over long time periods.


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